Avoiding Wedding Day Disaster Series: The Importance of Using a Professional Cake Maker

Today , and particularly in this economy, couples are on tight budgets.  It’s tempting to cut corners particularly when you have a friend or even family member volunteer to make a cake, or take your photos, make your dress, etc.   I have personally witness the gamete of weddings from the “do-it-yourself” to the full on pay for everyone to do everything wedding (I once worked a Kennedy wedding out in the Hamptons on LI so that was, by far, on the extreme luxury side ).   But, there are certain areas you really shouldn’t skimp on, particularly if you have a vision for your wedding day.    So, this week I’m discussing:

Anne L leaningThe Cake: I saw this disaster on a site which led me to this topic;   One particular couple allowed a friend, who had made some yummy birthday cakes in the past, bake their wedding cake (she practically begged to do it).  So what happened? Well, for one, the friend was late in delivering the cake. The cake was supposed to be white, but ended up being chocolate (in other words brown!) and it leaned to one side. The edible flowers looked great, but they highlighted how awful the cake itself actually looked .  I wish there was a photo to go with that description!

Another wedding that I actually worked (but was not the planner for ) bought a wedding cake from Walmart.  Now, not to knock Walmart because their bakery department has some pretty decent cakes, but they are NOT wedding cake makers.  The cake was picked up by a family member and it fell apart.

Lesson to take away:  Wedding Cakes are NOT like baking a birthday cake out of a box – Indeed , there is an art to successfully layering a cake so that it doesn’t topple, for one.  Professional bakers spend countless hours making lots of mistakes learning their craft.  A good and booked baker is making two or three wedding cakes a week. Practice makes perfect.  You may like your friend’s cake or pies, but their baking skills on that scale may not translate well into a large scale layered piece of confection!  A place like Walmart, concerned more with quantity then quality, are not spending much time perfecting the craft of building and decorating these beautiful cakes.  I can assure you that a quality cake maker is NOT working at Walmart making a Walmart salary.

Rather than re-invent the wheel I will direct you to an article on the Knot that talks about questions you should ask before picking a cake baker.  Many now include a special “anniversary” cake so that you do not have to worry about the person cutting the cake saving the top tier.   And, like with any professional you hire, testimonials are  important. See what others have said about them and their work.

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