Outdoor Wedding Possibilities are Endless in and Around Jim Thorpe

A recent phone call from a potential bride and groom all the way from California got my wedding planner creative juices flowing.  The couple, who have family on the East Coast, are looking for a somewhat low key wedding in an area that features a lot of outdoor activities.  They are an active couple that like the idea of hiking, biking, rafting and other activities that the Jim Thorpe area offers.  I’m all excited about the different ideas that have been flowing through me since I spoke to the potential groom.  I can’t stop thinking about it and I felt the need to share.

I truly believe that ceremonies and receptions can take place anywhere.  Jim Thorpe is surrounded by not 1, but 4 potential parks;  Mauch Chunk Lake, Beltzville Lake, Lehigh Gorge (Glen Onoko) and the often overlooked Kemmerer Carriage House Park  located on mansion hill with the Asa Packer Mansion and the Harry Packer Mansion as its backdrop. Any of these, with a little planning , coordination, and know-how,  can be perfect spots for a beautiful and unique ceremony and reception.

Image from tinywaterblog.com

Image from tinywaterblog.com

An idea I absolutely fell in love with is the picnic wedding. I have been fantasizing about one for months as a possibility for my own nuptials ( when that time comes).  A google search of picnic weddings returned some amazing photos, like the one I’ve snatched here from www.tinywaterblog.com.   This image could have been taken in any of the parks within the area.  Jim Thorpe is a PERFECT  setting to create such an amazing and romantic atmosphere.  It’s the  rugged outdoors meets wedding elegance.

What’s even more fabulous is that there is no right or wrong way to do it!  Creating your own atmosphere,  with nature as your backdrop, allows you to personalize your wedding and create something truly  unique.  Not only will you always remember your special day, but so will your guests.

It’s ideas like these that gets me  so excited. I’m truly happy  to be a wedding planner and one that has such a beautiful area to work and with so many possibilities.  If you would like to know more about planning an outdoor wedding in any of the locations mentioned, or would like to learn of other locations in the area, contact me!  There is no idea too crazy, too outlandish.  I”m all about making it happen!  If you can dream it, I can help you create it!

Let’s make your wedding dreams come true!

To learn more about the different locations mentioned:

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Lehigh Gorge State Park

Beltzville State Park

Kemmerer Park

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