Not Just Weddings – Coordinating Production Shoots

I think most of us would agree that, in addition to being an event, a wedding is also a production.  There is quite a bit of scheduling that requires  everyone to be at a certain place at a certain time so that all those moments are captured in the five hours of celebration.  And so, it goes, that productions , like a commercial shoot, operate the same way.  There is scheduling and coordination of all the staff ; make-up artists, the actors, production assistants, lighting guys and props.  I was very excited to have been asked by Hoffman Productions to be their Production Coordinator.  There, I put my event planning skills to work to help put together a commercial shoot.

Hoffman Productions is a production company based in NY and Israel with satellite offices in Allentown, PA.  They specialize in online viral video, and particularly ones aimed at the Jewish Community.   Video is the new SEO and Hoffman Productions is on the cutting edge of that with a strong YouTube presence.

I found that my methods for time management  and planning I utilize for weddings translated well to a commercial shoot.  With the shot list, you coordinate the length of time anticipated for each set up /shoot/break down. Now, some shots take longer, some shorter. At one point you may early but can quickly find yourself running late. I enjoyed coordinating aspects of the shoot, from scheduling the shots, to the actors arrival, finding and scheduling lunch & finger foods throughout the day (and long days they were) and troubleshooting on the spot when something came up (fortunately, thanks to good planning, there weren’t too many of those).  We worked hard, but it was a great time!  I look forward to more work with Hoffman Productions in the future.

Here is the clip for Wissotsky Tea;  Tribute to the Jewish Mother

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