Production Coordination Work: The Ark Report Short Feature Film

Over the last few weeks I have been pretty busy, so much so that I have missed my weekly blog.  As mentioned in a previous blog ,  I am hired, on occasion, by a local production company called Hoffman Productions, to coordinate their shoots.  The last project I worked on was a tea commercial that was shot mostly in Brooklyn, NY.

Hoffman Productions was recently contracted to make their first short feature film called The Ark Report, which is being filmed right here in the Lehigh Valley area.  We are shooting in the NO. 9 Coal mine in Landsford, a location that I found for the company ( it came to mind immediately when the director mentioned that he needed an underground tunnel system) and at the Old Silk Mill in Easton, PA.

The job is really exciting and presents some really fun challenges as a coordinator.  For one, shooting in abandoned building requires a serious amount of logistics like bathrooms, electricity and some comfort (it will be a little chilly). Then there is the matter of finding the unique props and even wardrobe that is associated with this film ( sci-fi noir genre).  Then, of course, there is the task of finding the right actors (which I assisted in to a point), arranging for lodging, transportation, food and all the paperwork involved.   Really, putting on a production such as this one, is like putting together an event; making all the pieces fit just right and, most importantly, right on schedule. And, just like with a brides wedding day, I am responsible for setting the shoot schedule and making sure that everyone is where they need to be for the next scene/take and all the tools, props and supplies are on hand.

The most exciting and thrilling part of work like this for me is making things happen and being able to pull it all off.  I love solving problems and finding a solution to any that arises.  It’s challenging and allows me to be creative.

I can’t wait and look forward to seeing and sharing the final work when it’s all done.    Of course, as soon as we have any footage or trailer to show , I will announce it here.

To learn more about the project, the cast and crew,  locations we are filming at,  and what this movie is all about (it’s really a pretty cool topic), you can visit Hoffman Productions blog.

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