The closer it got to my wedding the more anxious over details I would become.  Tara was there the entire way to help alleviate the anxiousness.  I didn’t have to overly sweat the small stuff because she would be there telling me that it was already taken care of.  With everything she took care of I was able to sit back and enjoy my special day.   She would be a great asset to any wedding.  She does all that is asked of her, within reason of course.  She deals with the hiccups and helps to make them non-issues.  Just know that Tara strives to make your day the best one of your life.  My wedding was beautiful, and I know a large part of that goes to Tara.  She is a true wonder.  I hope that everyone on here hire’s her.  She really could make the difference, and I know that I could not have done it without her.  For all that she has done I am truly grateful, and I hope everyone will get the chance to thank her as well.

Heather & Abimael Wedding June 11, 2011,