Robin & Dan 6*20*15

Robin & Dan came to me as a referral from local farm to table caterers 14 Acre Farms.  I love when we get referrals (and thank you Kevin for thinking of us!).

Outdoor weddings are my favorite, so I was so excited when I met with them and learned about their wedding plans. They had such a beautiful property with a pond, complete with toads and all.  Robin & Dan knew exactly what they wanted and they did an amazing job at creating their perfect day.  They also worked so hard in preparing their property by leveling off the tent area, building a bridge on their pond, planting flowers and so much more.  It was my job to pick it all up where they left off and to execute their day as they had so meticulously planned. I was honored that they entrusted me and my staff with their wedding day.


Guests were greeted by a cocktail hour with delicious finger foods provided by 14 Acre Farms.   Robin & Dan went with wines from local vinyards and craft beer from local brewery Castle Grill. Their trusty Bagota was cleaned out and served as a cooler for Soda for guests.

Couple cleaned and used the Kaboda to keep sodas cold.

Couple cleaned and used the Kaboda to keep sodas cold.


Food provided by 14 Acre  Farms

Food provided by 14 Acre Farms

Montero Violins were hired to play during the Pre-ceremony cocktail hour.

Montero Violins were hired to play during the Pre-ceremony cocktail hour.


Robin & Dan really made use of their properties offerings to decorate from using pieces of downed trees on the property in their centerpieces, to carving logs to hold battery operated candles throughout the property.  Gorgeous wildflowers were provided by Amber , a vendor that you can find selling fresh fruit and vegetables every weekend at the local Bagel Bunch on 209 between Lehighton and Jim Thorpe. Guests were encouraged to bring pieces for a montage the couple wanted to create in leu of gifts.


License plate table numbers found on

License plate table numbers found on

Robin & Dan mingled with their guests during the cocktail hour prior to their ceremony and then came out to sign the Kitbah. Dan & Robin are both artists and so many details were hand crafted by either the bride and groom, including the Kitbah. They each drew a tree that met and interetwined and wrote beautiful words to each other.





Signing the Kitbah

Signing the Kitbah

After the signing the couple went inside to prepare for their ceremony.  It took place on the beautiful pond next to the house under the Huppah made by the bride’s mother.  Each of couples siblings read 7 blessings and threw flower petals into the pond.






After the ceremony guests made their way to the tent for dinner and dancing the night away.







A special thank you to the following vendors. It was a pleasure to work with all them.




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