How To Avoid Those Photobombing Smartphones & Tablets at Your Wedding

Recently a post came through on my Facebook feed from a fellow wedding professional in the area.  It was a videographer that was furiously at work editing one of his latest wedding videos.  He was so aggravated, he stopped and posted a screen shot of exactly what was irritating him.  Can you guess what it is ?  I’m sure the title gives it away, but here is the screen shot below:


From the pic above, it’s clear why he was so upset.  Here he is, hired by the couple to capture their special day, and this is the shot he gets.  He was where he was supposed to be (off to the side so as not to block the groom’s view of the bride)  and was in a good position to get a great shot…. accept for all those phones and , yes, the obnoxious pink Ipad that is clearly blocking the Bride’s face during a very important moment!

We all know that we must turn our phones to silent or off  so as not to have it ring and disturb the special moment.  But, the photobombing smart phones and tablets are  becoming a far more common problem  and it doesn’t seem to be something that people even realize is rude.  So, what can we do to tactfully curb the situation?

I think it’s simple;  ask your guests to please refrain from taking their own photos during your special moments which includes: walking down the isle, kiss the bride/groom, enterance, first dance, special dances and cake cutting, to name a few.  You’re not neccesarily asking the guests to holster their phones for the entire evening. Actually, your guests taking pictures throughout the night of themselves and fellow table mates might very well add to your collection and fun when revisiting the night.  So be sure to put it in such a way that they understand that it’s only those key moments you are asking them to refrain from clicking away.

To help alleviate any anxiety about capturing the moment, be  sure to tell your guests the name of the photographer or company so that they can “like” them on social media outlets.  Often times photographers post  some highlights of the weddings they shoot on their social media within a few weeks or even days after the event.  By sharing the photographers information with them, your guests can find them and follow them so that when some “sneak peeks” are posted , your guests will be able to see them.  Those moments they were trying to capture will be available for them to see and share and I can assure you these shots will be far better than anything they could capture on their smart phone or tablet.   And, as an added bonus, you’ll be giving a knod to  your photographer by increasing their “likes” and “shares” .  You  may end up getting them more business in the process, as your family and friends show off their great work (all my photog friends will be loving this piece of advice for sure)!

I googled the topic to see what other professionals have said about it and try to figure out the best way to tactfully make this request.  Guess what I found ;  Photo ettiquette cards  to place around your wedding asking guests (in a nice and very sincere way) to please refrain from photos!  And, the idea was created by.. yup, photographers!  You can go to their website and order these cards in packs of 100 with varying design and phrasing.

For more information on these cards or to purchase, please visit  Oh.. and please tell them I sent you!


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